Unit4 R&D has developed software for over 25 years to meet our customers’ needs as well as trends in the market, our commitment is to innovate. Our customers are our development partners and they can be assured that we put all our efforts into continuous enhancement and innovation when it comes to product development. We aim to employ the best people, create an inspiring working environment for our staff and deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

International R&D presence

Unit4 R&D is one of the larger software development organisations in Europe with focus on a standard product, with over 320 staff distributed between R&D hubs in Norway, Spain and the UK. In Norway and Spain our developers focus on Agresso Business World while our developers in the UK focus on Coda Financials. The largest of these R&D labs is in Oslo, Norway.

Professional software development

All our R&D centres deploy a common framework of development standards and key performance indicators. Unit4 R&D in Norway and Spain is assessed against the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integrated) model framework and the R&D hub in the UK is registered as an ISO9001 TickIT company with BSI Certification Services.

Our objective

We aim to set the global benchmark for business software for Businesses Living in Change. The solutions we develop and deliver, Agresso Business World and Coda Financials, are distinguished by their ability to easily, quickly and cost-effectively adapt to changing business circumstances. 

Our values for product development

At Unit4 R&D we are fully aware that our target market, Businesses Living in Change, will meet new and more challenging user expectations in the future. This is why we are mindful of a number of factors during the development of our product portfolio:

Supporting constant change

If there is one single invariable in this world it is the fact that things are not only changing but changing more rapidly than ever before. At R&D we always make sure that our products, Agresso Business World and Coda Financials, will continue to be the best option for organisations facing change.

Providing a superior experience

A new generation of business user is emerging that has higher expectations around user experience and interaction than previous generations. Our vision is to “redefine the ERP experience”, and deliver it through a new and revolutionary user experience in our solutions.

Delivering deployment agility

Businesses Living in Change seek agility in the delivery and deployment of their applications. To meet these needs we develop our software to be easily deployed and integrated, as well as agile in times of change.

Supporting global and complex organisations

The world is getting smaller – there is greater movement of people, goods, capital and ideas across borders and these exchanges happen faster than ever before. This is a fact that can present challenges for our customers, challenges that the development of our products addresses on a continuous basis.

View our vacancies

At Unit4 R&D we are always searching for brilliant employees who are looking for a work culture where innovation is the goal, hard work is expected, and creativity is rewarded. If that's you why not see if there is anything in our current vacancies which might be of interest!